Courses with the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) logo allow you the convenience of meeting your Heat Pump Council and utility requirements while also obtaining continuing education credits to maintain your NATE Certification.

Courses with the Building Performance Institute (BPI) logo allow you the convenience of meeting your Heat Pump Council and utility requirements while also obtaining continuing education credits to maintain your BPI Certification.

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Expand your knowledge and increase your skills by taking courses necessary to complete your objectives. We offer Series Programs to enhance your resume. Complete the Master Heat Pump Technician Program or the HVAC System Consultant Series and make yourself more valuable to your company.

The Master Heat Pump Technician Program is recognized by all Arizona utilities as an outstanding adult education certificate and training program. All course offerings in the MHPT Program also count towards education requirements for the APS Qualified Contractor Program.

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+ Master Heat Pump Technician Certificate

The Master Heat Pump Technician (MHPT) Program is designed specifically for the technician who is seeking to gain the skills and certification to take them to the next level in their career. Technicians completing this seven-course program with a "B" or better become Master Heat Pump Technicians and earn a patch to proudly display on their uniforms as well as a certificate of completion. All seven courses are offered each semester. We strongly recommend courses be taken in the order they are outlined. A one-time certificate fee is required - see Course Registration Form to register.

Required Courses:

Course #Course TitleHours
HPC 101Refrigeration Theory & Systems Diagnosis 7
HPC 102Charging, Piping, & Dehydration 10.5
HPC 103Electrical Fundamentals for Heat Pumps 7
HPC 104Control Systems for Heat Pumps 7
HPC 105Customer Services & Selling Skills 3.5
HPC 106HVAC Code & Safety 5.5
HPC 107Airflow Dynamics 7
Certificate issued by ELA.

+ Master Heat Pump Installer Energy Skilled Certificate

Recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

In alignment with our commitment to excellence, the ELA has expanded the Master Heat Pump Technician certificate curriculum to meet the knowledge requirements for the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Skilled Heat Pump Installer designation.

Contractors and students seeking the Energy Skilled Heat Pump Installer designation will be required to complete the Master Heat Pump Technician Certificate Program along with three additional courses. This initiative underscores our dedication to producing highly skilled HVAC professionals equipped to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Master Heat Pump Technician Program
(See above for more details.)

Additional Required Courses:

Course #Course TitleHours
HPC 111Proper Installation Procedures 7
HPC 162HVAC Variable Capacity Systems 6
HPC 166HVAC Commissioning 3
Certificate issued by ELA only.

+ HVAC System Consultant Certificate

Required Courses:

Course #Course TitleHours
HPC 105Customer Services & Selling Skills 3.5
HPC 106HVAC Code & Safety 5.5
HPC 108Wake Up to Heat Pumps 2
HPC 111Proper Installation Procedures 7
HPC 115Manual J 6
HPC 116Duct Design/Manual D 7
HPC 137Consulting for Better Sales 3
Certificate issued by ELA.

+ Business & Introductory Courses

Required Courses:

Course #Course TitleHours
HPC 126Refrigeration Fundamentals 3.5
HPC 100LLab Refrigeration System Diagnostics 3.5
HPC 149HVAC Troubleshooting 3
HPC 152Delivering Professional Service (Spring Semester Only) 3
HPC 158Wi-Fi Controls 3
HPC 200LHVAC Electrical Workshop 7
HPC 201LPiping, Brazing, Evacuation, & Charging Workshop 7

+ Advanced Courses

Required Courses:

Course #Course TitleHours
HPC 139Duct Diagnostics & Repair 4
HPC 155Gas Furnace Safety & Operation (Fall Semester only) 3
HPC 159Zone Systems 3
HPC 163Advanced HVAC Troubleshooting) 3

+ Commercial Courses

Required Courses:

Course #Course TitleHours
HPC 147Commercial Refrigeration 3
HPC 156Variable Frequency Drives 3.5
HPC 165Design & Operation of Commercial Chilled Water Systems 6

+ HVAC Certifications

Required Courses:

Course #Course TitleHours
HPC 164Low GWP Refrigeration Safety 3-6
HPC 167NATE Certification Exam Overview & Testing 8
HPC 168EPA 608 Certification Exam Overview & Testing 7

For more information and any additional questions about Heat Pump Council Continuing Education, please contact the Education Department directly at:
Ph. 602-263-0115 or

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Our Instructors

Amy Alva

Amy Alva has been in sales for 24 years and in HVAC now for 10 years. Amy built her HVAC sales career through several means, especially through continuing education courses through the Heat Pump Council, Trane Sales, and Lennox Sales classes and by completing her NATE certification. She has been able to put into practice what she's learned and has been able to grow her career from residential to industrial HVAC and power. Amy has worked for residential and commercial companies, HVAC manufacturers, as well as Air Balance. She loves using solution-based sales techniques to solve real world problems for my customers.

Carl Bartoli

Mr. Bartoli has been in the HVCR industry for 45 years and is starting his 38th year with Donley AC & Plumbing. Carl oversees air conditioning service, equipment sales & installation. Mr. Bartoli takes an active role in training Donley's 60 employees, for technical, marketing and customer service. Carl supports and is a member of 5 Advisory boards for trade schools in the valley. Training HVAC, Plumbing & Construction students. He often speaks at these trade schools and enjoys mentoring new members to our HVAC/Plumbing community.

Travis Howard

Mr. Howard has been working in the HVAC industry in the Phoenix metro area since graduating from Universal Technical Institute (UTI) June 1990. Travis has spent his career in residential and light commercial services. He is NATE certified and has the Heat Pump Master Technician certification through the Arizona Heat Pump Council. Travis is a firm believer in continuing education to stay up-to-date of the latest advancements, standards, and technology in the HVAC industry. As the Training Specialist at Howard Air he creates, monitors, evaluates, and implements training applications and protocols throughout Howard Air for sales, service, installation, warehouse distribution, asset management and administration.

Bruce Martz

Bruce has been in the HVAC-R industry for over 40 years, most of that in Arizona. He has an MBA, and is a licensed Certified Energy Manager as well as a licensed Certified Demand Side Manager. Bruce has worked for companies such as York, Trane, "Siemens", ABM, and two local contractors, performing various roles from management, sales, and project management. He has been and is active in several of our local industry Trade Associations. For the past five years, he has also been teaching HVAC-R and Business at Gateway Community College as a Resident Faculty Professor.

Vic Pietkiewicz

Mr. Pietkiewicz has over 45 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry. He is the Owner of Dove Valley Services, LLC a consultant to the construction industry. Previously he owned his own air conditioning company. Many of his years included creating training programs for mechanical and electrical engineers, managers, estimators, construction workers, and technicians. In addition to holding a technical school certificate in AC Engineering, and a B.Sc. in Engineering Technology (HVAC) he holds three AZ Registrar of Contractors licenses and a Federal EPA license.

Rich Porter

Mr. Porter has been in the service industry for over half his life. He is a NCI CO/Combustion Analyst and is also N.A.T.E. certified in the installation and service of gas furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. Rich is proud to serve on the Professional Advisory Committees for RSI, AAI and UEI. He enjoys working with other industry professionals to help shape curriculums and better prepare students for a career in the HVACR industry.

Will Richards

Will has been in the HVAC industry for over 15 years. He graduated from The Refrigeration School, Inc. (RSI) in 2010. For the duration of his career, Will has worked in residential and light commercial. He started as an apprentice at Arctic Fox and worked his way up to be a senior service technician at Howard Air. Will has taken over the role of service training coordinator for Howard Air and offers service technicians assistance through ongoing continuing education and technical support. Will is NATE and Master Heat Pump certified and excited to pass on the knowledge he has accumulated over the years.

Kevin Styles

Mr. Styles has over 23 years of experience in multiple areas of the HVACR industry. As service manager of Arizona's Dukes of Air, he leads a team of HVAC technicians, offers advanced technical training, and ensures personnel can deliver quality customer service. Kevin's extensive knowledge of residential air conditioning and commercial and industrial refrigeration allows him to pass on his knowledge through valuable technical training and by building on customer relation skills.

Alex Williams

Alex is co-owner of Ideal Energy and has a passion for residential energy efficient home construction and mechanical design. After starting his career fresh out of college installing solar photovoltaic panels, he found himself analyzing energy usage in similar sized homes and discovered two very similar homes could be using a drastically different amount of energy. He questioned why this could be and through research found the concept of Building Performance. Alex oversees all aspects of Ideal Energy's construction operations, energy efficiency and mechanical design. He holds a BA from ASU in Design Studies with an emphasis on the Built Environment.

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